The project
Your Home: worth a lifetime

Exclusive apartments designed to make dreams come true for those who will get to call them "home".

Feel UpTown,
a 360° quality of life

The new residential complex is located within the unique Italian wellness district, consisting of four buildings with an inner green space of 3,000 square metres. The courtyard is home to the beating heart of the project: the exclusive services for residents.

The project covers all types of housing. To meet the most modern requirements of contemporary living, Feel UpTown also offers urban villas, stunning duplexes with private gardens - where you can relax and enjoy both your privacy and the alternation of the seasons – as well as attics with patios and heated whirlpool bathtubs. In addition, you can find a few exclusive apartments dedicated for those who want an even more fulfilling lifestyle, where you can enjoy your very own space tailored for relaxation and liberation, all year round.

All the apartments have large balconies and terraces that allow residents to enjoy outdoor spaces at any time of the year. They are designed to best optimise and organise their living areas, offering maximum comfort.

Equipped with Building Automation (Android-based home automation system) and Smart Thermostat, they can significantly reduce energy consumption and pricing, in buildings of the most advanced classes (A).

Feel UpTown stems from the decision to promote the neighbourhood as an urban center, housing residences and landscaped gardens.
The outside of the buildings is designed according to a geometric alternation of full and empty spaces, mediating between the interior of the apartments and the city.
In the centre of the garden, there is a staircase that gives access to the Wellness Floor, a 1400 square metres special area reserved for residents, offering a swimming pool, a fitness area, a spa and an indoor space for children.

The project team

progettisti uptown: labics


Feel UpTown residences match the need for domestic comfort with the desire of being in touch with nature. The private spaces of the house flow outside, defining open but protected areas for everyday relaxation, places in which it is possible to connect with nature and the surrounding park.

Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori, Labics

progettisti uptown: sio


The engineering company SIO s.r.l. has always relied on its skills and on its customers, acquired since 1999 by Francesco Iorio, Adjunct Professor at the University Politecnico of Milan since 2003, and today Technical Director of SIO. SIO offers its experience in design and supervision services focusing on structures of high complexity, considerable dimensions and large windows.

progettisti uptown: valerio cozzi

Valerio Cozzi

Valerio Cozzi is an architect who specialises in landscape, park and garden design, and works on projects in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Quatar. He develops solutions that balance aesthetic and technical quality, working as a designer, project manager and consultant for professionals, companies, institutions and individuals.