A Design
tailored to your needs

Our expert partners are designing Feel UpTown apartment furnishings, materials and finishes. They are professional interior designers who provide a tailor-made experience to better meet your needs and requirements.

Your future home,
meticulously designed
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Wellness, beauty, health, comfort and flexibility are the focal points in contemporary lifestyle design, and Feel UpTown enhances these aspects in every detail of your future home.

The new home environment we are living in is made of daily tasks but even of cooperation, feelings and emotions. This is why EuroMilano has chosen partners who can create a perfect home for all of you, where the constant emphasis on design, innovation, efficiency and local manufacturing, combined with the highest quality of materials and products offered, has the potential to improve your overall well-being.

Your needs and desires will be the pivotal factor as EuroMilano accompanies you in the discovery of the furnishings and finishes proposed by each of our partners, providing insight into each element and their background, so that we can design each detail of your apartment together.

Expert partners

Household Automation

An automated home is a more comfortable, sustainable house, accessible to everyone. To make Feel UpTown's residences smarter and more efficient, EuroMilano has chosen Comelit Group SpA. Established in 1956, Comelit is an Italian company operating on an international scale. It specialises in the design and the production of home automation and video intercom, video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control and fire-fighting systems. These advanced technology products have been designed to adapt themselves to any requirement, ensuring ease of use, practicality and efficiency.


CIELO Ceramica Cielo, an established ceramic manufacturer based in Civita Castellana, offers a range of bathroom furniture designed in a unique, innovative, elegant and functional way. The distinctive feature of CIELO products is a refined and unique style defined by pure lines, which give the bathroom an up-to-date, modern feel and enhance the bathroom’s function as a place of well- being. The company embodies all the values that characterise the excellence of Italian manufacturing: high-quality design, selection of the best materials, attention to detail, traditional crafts skills and a constant search for harmony between form and function.

Duravit is an historic brand with over 200 years of experience in the bathroom ceramics industry. The company has distinguished itself in both domestic and foreign markets thanks to its reliability and its constant commitment to its work. Using technology that dates back a thousand years, combined with modern know-how and a vision for the future, Duravit offers award-winning design and promotes sustainable and responsible choices, to provide relaxing and environmentally- friendly bathrooms.


ZUCCHETTI Zucchetti is an historic Italian design brand, representing the ‘Made in Italy’ label all over the world.

It is a company with over 90 years of knowledge, experience and ability that plays an active and leading role in the international market, thanks to its strong strategies based on innovation, design and quality.

Moreover Zucchetti offers a versatile and refined product range adaptable to any type of interior design project. Zucchetti has been creating fashion trends and changes in lifestyles throughout its history, promoting new ideas and new living environments.

FANTINI On the shores of Lake Orta, in 1947, the two brothers Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini established Fantini SpA, a leading company in its sector both in Italy and abroad. Their products combine high- quality artisan designs with constant innovation, respect for traditions and technology, attention to detail and style, creativity and practicality. Fantini has been designing and manufacturing innovative products that have become an international reference point for the evolution of design in this sector.

Finishings and Floorings

Cotto d’Este’s mission stems from the values of Italian beauty - taste, elegance, and style - that bring the highest levels of excellence to our everyday lives.

A strong passion for art and culture is combined with a deep-rooted tradition in ceramics, involving continuous research supported by innovation and technology, to offer unique products to the world, which can meet any requirement of contemporary architecture.

Galimberti is the partner for wooden floors. A local company, in wood from the end of the 19th century, and in line with the requirements of modernity and sustainability required by Uptown. You can visit the important local plant 30 minutes from Uptown and deepen the choice of parquet with production technicians who will guide you in the creation of your floor.

We have also started together the important "Legno Lombardo" initiative, a project that enhances the local raw material and contributes to the maintenance and growth of our out-of-town woods.
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Doors and Windows

Doors define the limits of the domestic space, making it comfortable, functional and elegant. Albed’s history began in Milan in 1964, producing high quality aluminium furnishing accessories, and providing modern homes with dynamic and up-to-date solutions designed to fit any environment. Since then, they have become the best exponents of technical solutions for interior design. Their products are made entirely in Italy, using very high quality raw materials that are 100% recyclable, in order to offer a "tailor-made" service.

Established in 2002 by the forward-thinking Dario Vaccari, together with the technical support developed by Maurizio Castignoli, Alias is today a market leader in security and design. Since the very beginning, the company has redefined the boundaries of its sector, launching its truly innovative products onto the market and becoming the leader of a very successful entrepreneurial venture that allowed the company to record a rapid increase in turnover and become one of Italy’s top companies in its sector. Its strong identity - recognised not only at a national level as the epitome of Made in Italy - is certainly due to its great ability “to look toward the future and be ahead of the times”, as its motto says.