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An all-inclusive lifestyle, offering a 360° better quality of life.

Feel UpTown provides a unique ecosystem of services. An approach that focuses on sustainability and health - in its broadest sense - for all members of the family.

Feel UpTown responds to the scenario that leads people to renew their habits and to rediscover and experience their home environment, more than ever before.

An ecosystem of services

A “green heart”

3000 square metres of green space - a protected and private area surrounded by all the Feel UpTown apartments. Green islands, borders and hedges create a sense of privacy as well as a feeling of being connected to nature and the city nearby.

Wellness facilities

800 square metres of comfort exclusively dedicated to those who choose Feel UpTown as their home. Swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, changing rooms, children's area, and relaxation areas: a unique ecosystem of services for a healthy, sustainable and comfortable lifestyle.

Indoor swimming pool

Whether you just want to take a quick dip, do your daily workout or spend some time with the people you love, enjoy the swimming pool for residents inside the Feel UpTown wellness centre.

Exclusive relaxation area

Hammam, Turkish bath and infrared loungers for relaxation: in the exclusive beauty area, designed for Feel UpTown residents, you can relax after a hard day's work and rediscover a way to connect with yourself and with what you really love.

Turkish bath
Spazio bimbi
Children's play area

In Feel UpTown green area, there is a safe and child-friendly space organised to make socialising and playing easier for children. A perfect place to organise workshops and any kind of activities.

An innovative Reception system

The concierge service, together with a delivery area and the first new generation post office point, will make your daily routine even more comfortable.

Exclusive smart working space

A welcoming, functional space, designed for those who want to maintain a work-life balance, a place where residents can focus on their work and organise their own appointments.

Exclusive squash court

Squash is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable sports: Feel UpTown offers you a place to practice this sport so that you can reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Exclusive movie theatre

A small and elegant movie theatre for residents only, where you can relax in comfortable armchairs and enjoy a unique experience in front of a maxi screen, enhanced by an excellent sound system.

Indoor cycle parking

Living in the future means being able to leave your car behind and move around in an active and sustainable way: that's why Feel UpTown has indoor and equipped Cycle Parks, where you can leave your bike safely, and be ready to ride it at any time.

Squash court
Pet area
Local shops

A bistro and cake shop, a farmers' market selling local produce, a pharmacy and a Pokeria serving international delicacies: all of this is available near your house, to meet your needs and simplify your daily life.

Pet-friendly accommodations

Feel UpTown offers solutions designed to live in harmony with your four-legged friends. From the luxurious private gardens of urban villas to the most elegant attics, everything has a pet-friendly design. A detail that makes UpTown the first pet-friendly district in Italy.

Smart mobility

Mobility is really smart in Feel UpTown: condominium car sharing with electric cars, charging stations, visitor parking, bicycle parking areas and racks.

All this in one app

Home automation, household energy consumption, condominium and neighbourhood services: everything in Feel UpTown is monitored and connected with the UpTown app.

Free wifi for residents

Free wifi for residents in all the common areas and in the inner courtyard

Fibre-to-the-home connection

In each apartment a free fibre-to-the-home connection - FTTH by Vodafone - is provided for the first three years of your accommodation.

Building Fees

Feel UpTown's building expenses amount to about 30€ per year/square meter (services, condominium, heating and cooling). An amount made possible thanks to the innovative and modern design of the entire district, completely gas-free, with high energy efficiency (A class) and served by district heating and geothermal energy, which consent an important cost reduction.

All this in one app

Feel UpTown, a safe investment for your future

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