Who we work with

EuroMilano works with some of the largest and most well-known Italian and international businesses.

A story of success

After the completion of the first UpTown residences (July 2019), that registered an average growth rate of 40% in their value during the two years of construction,UpTown has distinguished itself as a new Milanese centrality for well-being.

By presenting this new project, Feel UpTown takes a new step forward, becoming the only district in Milan and in Italy that can combine home and work, well-being and health, investment and innovation.

All this has been achieved by sharing pivotal strategies, including the cooperation with prestigious partners such as Intesa Sanpaolo as a finance business partner; Vodafone, concerning the ultrafast connectivity in both the residences and the park, as well as the creation of the community app offering top-level functions dedicated to each building; Bosch, offering the most up-to-date solutions for any apartment and in particular, the driverless electric shuttle service and integrated security systems inside the district; Italianway, as far as the valorisation and income generation of the real estate assets are concerned.