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UPTOWN Global Partners

We could not develop and complete our projects without the support and confidence of high profile partners.
Thanks to such synergies, we are always able to deliver sound and credible projects.

Samsung, the firm which offers worldwide excellence services and products, committed to innovation and embedded in highly efficient production processes, is EuroMilano’s partner for user experience design of UPTOWN public and private spaces.
This involves the identification of software and hardware from Samsung’s wide range of products and solutions, especially Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet and associated services, big screens, outdoor signage, video walls, LED walls and associated services.

UPTOWN DISTRICT’s connectivity is signed by Vodafone which, for the first time in Europe, will create an unique experience that will integrate services from the neighbourhood to single buildings: a CAPTIVE PORTAL that will make UPTOWN PARK the first smart urban public park in Milan, offering to all Uptowners public and free OPEN WiFi and multimedia contents such as music, films, video games, e-books, talking books , as well as video surveillance systems, directly managed from UPTOWN Control Room.  In the residential buildings, Vodafone will lead the set-up of Uptown’s IoT, that will integrate FTTH fibre connectivity and WiFi, home automation, telephone, and shared locker to collect on-line shopping orders

New East UPTOWN customers will benefit from free fibre and WiFi connectivity during three years.

UPTOWN will be the first residential complex in Europe offering a private car-sharing service. A fleet of electric, pollution-free cars will be available for residents just downstairs, an App reservation away. You will not need anything else to go around the city. 2 seats, 80 km/h , 180 km autonomy, elegant and easy to drive, they are entitled to free entrance to Milan congestion charge area (Area C) and are not subject to parking limitations and fees. Dedicated charging columns are provided in UPTOWN DISTRICT.

A2A Calore e Servizi – an A2A Group company – brought district heating to Up Town, a system that exploits the heat produced in waste combustion that otherwise would be dispersed. Hot water is distributed to residential buildings from the pipe network linked to the heat exchanger of each building, which replaces the furnace. An advanced, sustainable, efficient and reliable system, whose equipment is also easier to maintain.
The district heating system together with the cooling geothermal system form a true Carbon Free Smart Grid, allowing UPTOWN to be the first zero-emission district in Italy.

East UPTOWN customers will benefit from a round-the-clock quick intervention service in case of network malfunctions.

A2A Energia – an A2A Group company  – is the UPTOWN’s electric energy official provider. Electric energy is 100% from renewable sources for both public services and private users. Only for Uptowners: a customer hotline, special services to monitor and control energy consumption and exclusive offers. Furthermore, the E-Moving project will give UPTOWN residents the possibility to recharge electric cars in the private garage or at charging columns installed in UPTOWN DISTRICT.

East UPTOWN customers will have access to a dedicated support service and will be proposed an unlimited special discounted rate on energy provision. They will benefit from a 24h quick intervention service.

The A2A Group company A2A Smart Cities will wire the whole UPTOWN DISTRICT with the fibre backbone and will link every apartment with Fibre To The Home (FTTH), which enables the maximum speed currently available, of 1 Gbps. This will be complemented by the LoRaWAN™ communication system, well known for its efficiency, as it can operate on a long radius (up to 2 km) with little battery consumption and protected data transmission. Thanks to this system, UPTOWN will be endowed with SMART IP, energy efficient LED lampposts with smart regulation of light intensity based on human movement detector, SMART SECURITY last generation high resolution remote control camera for district monitoring and security, SMART ENVIRONMENT weather, environmental and energy consumption monitoring station, SMART IRRIGATION public irrigation system saving up to 60% of water, SMART BINS with fill-up sensors that optimize waste collection process, SMART PARKING parking spot for guests that can be booked in advance via App, RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY laptop, tablet and cell phone charging points available to Uptowners.

Airlite is the innovative paint that transforms UPTOWN home walls into natural air purifiers working on solar energy. It was born from an innovative idea: to improve people’s life and environment by purifying the air. This paint can “feed” into the dirt present in the air, purifying it from up to 88.8% of the pollution. It will be applied on internal walls, contributing to make residential buildings healthier and more hygienic for Uptowners. Every 100 sq.m. of Airlite in UPTOWN will have the same effect in reducing air pollution as 100 sq.m. of forest. Airlite removes 99,9 % of bacteria and viruses, dangerous for human health, and creates safer environments.

East UPTOWN customers will benefit from exclusive discounted rates for painting and/or sale.

Bosch  will make life easier in UPTOWN, thanks to the high quality and efficiency of its appliances and to a wide selection of models, all compatible with the Home Connect connectivity system, that gives you many advantages, by letting you set preferred cycles and menus. Bosch appliances will amaze you also for their innovative content, and for being environmentally friendly: the induction stove is but one example of this. Plus, Bosch is our partner for East UPTOWN integrated security systems and mobility solutions, starting from the experimental project of driverless neighbourhood electric transport.

East UPTOWN customers will enjoy a dedicated service and exclusive discounted rates on all appliances by Bosch, Siemens, Neff, and Gaggenau.

Thanks to the partnership between UPTOWN and Clear Channel, UPTOWN PARK will be the only urban park in Milan where municipal bicycle sharing stations, including and children-size bicycles, will be permanently installed, and integrated with the Municipal bike sharing service at Molino Dorino subway station on line 1.

UPTOWN customers will be offered an electric car pass at the special rate of 0.10 cent/minute with a three-year complimentary mileage bonus.

UPTOWN Premium Partners

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